Thursday, September 24, 2009

ahead of schedule

Truss 6 is my last chance for a record so I worked my way a couple hours ahead of the time it took to weld up truss 5 - no Field Lab visits today. Finished welding both halves and joined them together by 7:30PM. A very satisfying one days labor. Now it's a matter of how much sun I will have left tomorrow after I stand it up and do all the opposing welds.

Since I record the information for the National Weather Service each day...I am going to try to remember to post it here too from now on. This is how it works - four sets of numbers. Observation time temp(8PM), High temp, Low Temp, Rainfall. 70,88,57,0


tffnguy said...

Congrats on getting so much done. I think posting the weather information will be great!

TexasMan said...

All that cutting paid off!! Truss 5 & 6 done.

Looking forward to seeing those weather statistics you have been getting daily.

jandean said...

You a viking, man! I'm delighted to see the weather info back. My buddy and I are going to be down your way Oct.7-11. Any chance I can stop by and smooch Benita? And meet/greet you of course. I'm up for anything..5 minutes, 5 hours, put us to work, whatever. Let me know, okay?

Allen Hare said...

Wow! Another day, another truss! You deserve a break, and a cold beer. Hope you get some rest, and take a day off soon.

Anonymous said...

Big smile. Thanks for the weather info, I appreciate it.

texascowpunk said...

Congrats on your progress!

2L84Me said...

Congrats John!

Do Work Safely!

Haste makes waste!

Benita tells me she doesn't have a cell phone! Yet! :)

Jim said...

Thanks for including the WX info. That will be most interesting. I have been amazed at how much you have accomplished working by yourself! I have trouble cutting the grass without help.
Rather than interrupt your work, I will just wait for your Grand Opening in the near future.
Keep on building!

MsBelinda said...

You remind me of the Energizer bunny, always on the go. I swear I don't know where you get all of your energy.

I really missed you not posting the daily temperatures. Thank you for starting that up again.