Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beard TLC

Woke up late today because I had somewhere to be. Just enough time to gulp down a cup of coffee then headed out to help Ugly Betty load a water tank onto his truck. He is off this week and the GrubShack is closed till next Tuesday. I stepped up to the plate and will be selling ice only there from noon till 1PM till Betty returns on the 8th.
Almost finished welding the first half of truss #3 but pooped out at 7:30. I think I have finally honed my welding technique and it's going well. Birds have been taking advantage of the new perch available to them. Suddenly felt an urge for a shower before I could finish it up. Last work task of the day before my own personal hygiene was to give Benita another Permethrin treatment for flies. Ultimately, I think she appreciates it although she tends to squirm around a bit as I'm spraying her. She should be fly free now till the end of bug season. Benita might not be organic now but she is a lot happier.

Had some excellent time under the solar shower - sure feels good when you really need it. Water temperature was a perfect 110 degrees. Just a slight breeze for quick/natural drying. Gave my beard some much needed attention. The old nest was getting pretty ratty what with all the dust and metal flakes and spray paint going on for the last week or so. Take it from me....nothing better than clean/fresh chin hair.


Allen Hare said...

I figured you'd still be cutting rebar today. Glad to see you got some welding done.
The beard looks great!

denziel56 said...

See ya had a good day !

"Sunday Brunch" should stay in your life . experience talking .

cheers ! as you would say ,


jim said...

the iceman cometh

czardastx said...

You're a good man to help Betty out like that. But it's not just Betty, it's everyone that needs or wants ice. Sounds like it will be a nice change from your normal day. Enjoy the experience.

Good to know that Benita is getting spoiled, she has you trained very well now.

The beard cuttin' looks like it turned out very good. It's always a good feeling to be freshly groomed.

Somehow, the thought of you selling ice now has the refrain to "Ice Ice Baby" running through my mind. I'm going to go find a hammer now to beat it out of my head.

Anonymous said...

look out ZZTop here comes John.

lynette355 said...

no beard braids?

Texmom said...

Solar shower, sounds like a meteorilogical event. Forgive my spelling.