Monday, December 14, 2009

Art D'Lugoff

Got a rip roarin' start on my Monday. Midway through the cutting and grinding, my grinder shit the bed. Had to pack peddle and use my belt sander for some fine tuning. Got 4 cross braces cut and precision tuned to fit but will need a grinder to execute their final placement before welding them into place. Ended up short changed on the day so quit early. Cleaned house, took a shower and headed out to the Starlight Theatre for my normal Monday night.Just yesterday I came across an old friend and former neighbor from my NYC days on Facebook....Sharon Blythe. We shared a lot of anguish over an evil landlord back on Elizabeth St. Feels good to touch base with an old buddy from the hood. I was sad to learn that her father recently passed away. I had the great honor of knowing Art D'Lugoff - legendary impresario of the Village Gate. The absolute best show I ever saw in New York was Tito Puente performing there back in the 80's. Not very often does one get a chance to have a friend that was an icon and who's name and works will live on through history. We'll miss you, Art. 61,85,37,0


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing memories before the Field Lab. You have been blessed and made your own luck too. Congrats. Yellow Dog and I will try to come to your parts next year.

Jeff and Buddy.

Bob from Athens said...

John, this time when you look for a grinder, get yourself one that is rated for commercial or heavy duty. From the picture a few days ago, it looks like you have one of them from harbor freight and while they are ok for occasional home use, don't expect them to hold up for what you are doing. A top of the line Makita or DeWalt will still be going strong when you finish that roof. A little pricey now, but in the long run they are actually the most cost effective ones you can find.

tffnguy said...

BfA, I don't think his was a cheap one, but it wasn't from HF. I have three of those here and offered the loan of them, but maybe he decided to make a run in to Alpine instead of taking me up on it. I didn't wind up with 3 because the don't hold up. I always used a 3 way splitter and had a cut off blade in one, a grinding wheel in another and a sanding wheel in the third. Sure cut down on disk type changes and saves a lot of time. I've only had one in the past crash and I've always used the heck out of them! I'd say for the price they can't be beat (under $20) and if you get the extra warranty then you can ware them out and go get another one over and over I think.

ezrablu said...

You have a rich, interesting past JW. I sincerely thank you for sharing your past such as this post. It's very touching and truly shows the depth of your character, knowledge, creativity and versatility to read about your past then to see you physically labor while living like you are...and still take time to share it with the world. You'll also be remembered by many. Thanks :o)

Nikki said...

Well put, ezrablu.