Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Full Moon

Shim-shammed the picketywick again today....which means yet another day of planning but no doing. Managed a trip down south to buy 4 bundles of reed fencing from Mamma Burr down at H2O to Go to use for some interior design treatment of the guest quarters. She had a big load in all year and I figured I'd better go down before she ran out. I got the last of it. Funny thing is, someone came in to buy some right after I wrote the check.....timing is everything. Spent the afternoon going over the construction plans and got a final supply list - I think. You sure gotta plan ahead when the store is 65 miles away. Beautiful moon set this morning and a right nice sunset tonight. Plenty of sun today to charge my battery banks up full for a change.

Alas my Benita may be gone for the winter now though - she took off the day before Thanksgiving and hasn't been seen since. Reckon she is wintering with the grandchildren. You gotta figure that a 21 year old longhorn must have lots of grandchildren. 44,71,29,0


Old Wise One said...

Was the stickam hijacked today. I tuned in and saw you walk over and open up one of the containers, and then it was switched to some guy playing around his house on his computer???? Just curious.

czardastx said...

Wish Benita would winter with you at TFL. She knows that's where the food is. Perhaps she'll come around soon after she gets tired of eating what she forages. Of course if she is 21 years old she may be at the bar, partying it up since she's legal to drink now.

Bob from Athens said...

Don't worry about Benita, range cows know where to go when it gets cold and windy, especially after 21 years on that range. Probably at the bottom of some deep dry creek bed in a bunch of brush. Hope she is not wintering with the grandkids, they all went to "visit the market" a while ago. She will probably be back to visit if you have a few warm days with no wind.

Riverhauler said...

You know John, I was going to mention a while back that she looked like she was in a motherly way, do you think she is calfing somewhere.

I know that happens in late winter early spring normally, but she is an old cow and may have come in late.

Just Me said...

Thanks for another gorgeous sunset! I sure am gonna miss that view through the trusses when the roof is completed.

Allen Hare said...

Looking forward to seeing your interior design for the guest quarters.
Those lights from yesterday are great.