Monday, December 21, 2009

winter solstice

Got a good day of welding in considering it was the shortest day of the year. The GrubShack is closed on Mondays so I didn't have an excuse. Finished up the vertical supports on container two and got one stick welded into place on #3. Quit at 4:15 for a shower then shot down to the Ghost Town for my regular Monday night webcast from the Starlight Theatre. My friend Trevor Reichman played tonight. Also had a rare chance to chat up my all time favorite waitress Stephanie for a change. Too cloudy tonight for my official solstice sunset photo, but shot one last night just in case - so you get the idea. Now we are on the journey back to summer with each day getting a bit longer. 50,79,31,0


Allen Hare said...

Glad to read that you're getting some more work done around the place. Also glad that you're spending some time in the Starlight on a regular basis. It's such a nice place. We always have dinner there at least once every time we come to Terlingua.
Excellent photos today, as usual. Thanks for posting.
Continued good luck with all.

Caboose said...

Thanks John:
I enjoy reading your blog every day, always a new adventure. I like the photos also, I take it that you like summers best. Even tho that it gets very hot there.

neil said...


Sunnybrook Farm said...

The clouds fouled me up on solstice here in the east but I got up and checked the alignment of my small stonehenge today(12/22) and found that the horse had moved one out of place. I really look forward to the solstice as I enjoy the days getting longer. You are making progress and enjoying life as you do it, that's the way to do it!

Andy V said...

Thanks, neil....always enjoy your movie!