Monday, August 2, 2010

half day...

Nice and cool 68 degrees when I got up this morning.  Headed out early and got the 4 middle sections of roofing up on the north side.  Temps rose quickly and I was dripping by the time I finished.  Wanted to get these done first - all the rest will be much easier since I can work off the containers.

Quit at 11 and showered off. 
Decided to make an Alpine run today since it was gonna be a hot one.  There is grass growing everywhere out here now.  Lots of longhorns in my front yard all morning and I passed this group on the way out.  The cowbirds seem to enjoy the perch at my entrance. 
Stocked up on essentials and had a nice long visit with Bennett Jones and his daughter Lydia.  Their garden is doing quite well.  Lots of solar food and solar electricity pumping into their house.  91,102,68,0,C

Special note:  Jerry and Eva of GrubShack fame both took first place at the Terlingua Ranch Lodge Ice Cream Crank Off for two of their specialty ice cream flavors - Chocolate and (my favorite) Monkey Shack.  Yet another good reason to visit the GrubShack.


Bob from Athens said...

Does Mr. Jones or his daughter have a blog? I sure would like to know how he keeps a garden producing that well in the summer heat!

Bruce S said...

More great work John. I haven't seen it that green in the TR area in many years, but I wouldn't run off and buy a lawn mower just yet.

Anonymous said...

Wow BJs garden looks great

would you critique my first painting I ever did?

appreciate it.

Allen Hare said...

Great post, John. That greenhouse looks better every day.