Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taenipoda eques

Had a late arrival last night at The Field buddy Brad from Alpine was out visiting his property west of me yesterday and ended up getting bogged down in sand near Terlingua Creek after a brief freak rain event.  He walked 3 miles and came a knocking at 10PM.  Put him up in the "woo room" for the night.

Called in the big guns in the morning to help drag his vehicle out....Chuck and Aunt Kathy.  Took us 2 hours to inch his truck out of the deep sand with my truck as the anchor and Chuck and his Kubota with some chains and 2 come-alongs.  That pretty much did it for all of us by 1:30 in the afternoon. 

At sunset I had only my second sighting of the season out here of the big grasshoppers known as Mexican Generals.  90,100,72,0,B


Dizzy-Dick said...

Those grasshoppers are sure colorful.

Your a good friend, working all day getting your buddy un-stuck. I have been on both ends of that deal, but not in the desert.

mike said...

is that thang edible ??

Allen Hare said...

Your neighborhood is a tough place to get stuck in. Thanks for coming to the aid of a friend.

Killer bug pic.

ezrablu said...

I've never heard of those huge grasshoppers...but, I'd consider myself lucky to have only seen two of them! Very nice photo of it.