Monday, December 27, 2010


Run down south this morning to post some post Christmas postcard orders at the post office.  Got 2 propane tanks filled then hauled 125 gallons of water over to my friend Cynta in the ghost town.  She is housing "the girl from back home" (Kristinna) who is out for her Christmas break this week.  Now KP can shower off that Albany grit.

It is rare this time of year to see any longhorns in my area - including Benita.  For some reason, she and a small herd of 14 are visiting for the holiday season.  Nice to have them around except for the fact that they started chewing on the Christmas lights on my rock wall.  Took those strings off today - hopefully they won't start chewing on the house lights. 

Some afternoon clouds provided the area with a rather nice sunset this evening.  As of today - it has been 118 days since the last rain.  53,71,26,0,B


JLP said...

John, you never mention Benito any more. Is he still around?

Allen Hare said...

That's serious business about the rain. Try not to dry up and blow away! Need to fill that impoundment.

Boo Barksdale said...

That is an awesome picture of Benita.
The La Nina winter has things skin crackin' dry, go soak in the hot springs for a break

trisha said...

that isn't benita. she has more dappled white on her face.
nice photo though.

linda said...

Great pictures.