Wednesday, December 8, 2010

office day

GrubShack breakfast then spent the morning cleaning out my truck - I've kinda let it go in there.  Found junk mail from over a year ago and a couple of wrenches I've been looking for.  The 3 years of dust and dirt I will deal with another time.  Lengthy tour at noon for my friend Canadian Tony and his sister and brother in law.  Benita was in good form for the event.  Got an email today from Lloyd Kahn with the rough layout of my pages in his new book about tiny houses.  Started searching the archives for high resolution Field Lab images to send him. I gotta lotta pictures to sift through.  UPS dropped off my new solar powered led's for the 2010 holiday light show.  Fantastic Christmas card in the mail today from my new best friend (due to receive some free FL postcards!) Andrea Torres.  48,71,33,0,C


JLP said...

What happened to Benito? I haven't seem him in a long time. You didn't butcher him did you?

Allen Hare said...

Today's is an especially beautiful Benita illustration.

Can't wait to see the light show.

Jay P said...

Very creative tweak to the photo posted on June 17, 2009 here: by a very talented artist. Great Job Andrea!!