Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Rock chopping for a half day....almost there.  Found some seams to work through to get at the high side.  kmswoodworks wins the prize for my chosen alternate route if need be.  Should have the area prepped with a level bed of sand soon.

Got some shooting time in this afternoon with my new neighbors from Mt. McKenna.  Aim is still true with my Taurus .357.  Had a chance to check out my first semi-automatic pistol....Smith and Wesson M&P40.  Was pretty impressed with the performance.  68,85,42,0,B


Allen Hare said...

Excellent progress report. I also thought kmswoodworks suggestion sounded most likely to get the job done - short of renting a jackhammer.

Glad you got some target practice in. To stay proficient practice is essential.

Anonymous said...


If you get the chance try a
1911 style .45 pistol. I got a Kimber .45 and its sooo smooth, its unreal. (That .357 you got is a very respectful peice of equipment) You do know you can carry a pistol (concealed) in your truck as long as your not on school or church property. On some of those lonely roads out there, I would keep a loaded pistol handy.