Saturday, February 12, 2011


Needed more bits for the gutters and new stock for the pantry so headed to Alpine today.  Special treat for Benita was a bale of alfalfa...which can only be given a little at a time as this stuff is way too rich for an old longhorn. 

Picked up my latest order from sciplus that was dropped off by UPS at the GrubShack yesterday.  Two items were missing and one still included but was broken - with two holes in the shipping box, one of which had been taped up.  Not too worried because American Science and Surplus will replace the missing and broken items without a fuss.  One of the prized possessions that did make it is what I consider to be the perfect solar mechanism....a nice small brass sundial...item 92848 from  Best part about it - it has no alarm function.  44,70,19,0,C


DarrenDriven said...

Just spent hours over the last three days reading your blog from start to finish, with particular interest in the use of shipping containers for your greenhouse. I'm following your progress.

Got a little misty-eyed when Benita was gifted to you, what a great gift. My birthday is April 1st so I'll be tuned in for sure this coming April.

I'm a 34-year-old Portland-native who has been living in Shanghai China for about three months, tomorrow I start on my first solo backpacking trip through Australia. I'll spend the next three months using whatever wifi I can to keep tabs on The Field Lab!

Allen Hare said...

I really like the small sundial. It is very complex and sophisticated for such a small, inexpensive item. Followed your link to AS&S, and found a couple items I couldn't live without. Thanks for the link.

Allen Hare said...
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gossip said...


CoolChange©© said...

That sundial will be a welcome addition to my veggie garden! Good find. Everything is looking good, Sir.

You are a daily read and a joy at that. My wife and I are planning a look-see at land your way this summer. It would be great to meet you and get a tour.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Living in Terlingua I need a "day of the week dial" to tell me what day of the week it is. The days just seem to blend together. I look in the sky and go "morning", "afternoon".
Your dial a beautiful piece of workmanship..
Dang Driven do you have a blog?

Dani said...

Oh yes, oh yes, very nice - almost covert-able.

And no alarm - brilliant LOL

Unknown said...

Hi John. That's a pretty bauble. I notice it includes a compass but no explanation that it must be set to true south not magnetic. Down here the variation is about 8 degrees West. (True is 8 degrees less than Magnetic). The difference translates to about a half an hour. Also the dial works on local sun time, not time zone time and we're in the west enf of the zone so the pesky thing will read late.The photos of the sundial and the beer bottle are really fine. Best Steve Cobb