Thursday, February 17, 2011

talk about...Pop Rivets

Headed south early this morning to look for the super camper vehicle I saw yesterday...but they had skedaddled to parts unknown.  I really wanted to meet these folks after checking out their website.
Two short shifts today yielded 50 pop rivets through the gutters along
both sides of the greenhouse. 
 Purdy cloud cover for most of the afternoon.
Bug season is starting.


Mary Lee said...

Thanks so much for the website. Thank heavens for Google Translate! I hope you get a chance to meet them. I would love to see more interior photos of their vehicle.

Dani said...

John - not only their vehicle looks interesting - they don't look too shabby either LOL

Wonder how much fuel (gas) it consumes?

neil said...

The inside ain't too shabby either, there is a slide show of the interior at the bottom of this page...

neil said...

I found a similar truck on another German website and translated kilometers per liter to MPG. At 56mph it will average about 10 MPG of diesel.

Anonymous said...

Shoo be do be do wop

Allen Hare said...

Thanks for the link to the slide show, neil. I agree with Dani, an awesome vehicle, and a handsome couple. I hope you find them out there somewhere and get to talk with them. They did a super job with the interior of that vehicle - so clean and efficient.

Pop rivets are so handy.

Great clouds. They really are like artwork in the sky.

Lady Bugs are cool. Very beneficial insects.

Best of luck with the completion of the gutter/tank system. Hope you get a good soaking as soon as it's done.

JLP said...

Well, so much for my speculation on what the vehicle was in the beginning. That is really a neat rig though, no matter it's origin.

Beautiful cloud-scape. Pretty lady bug and one of our insect friends.

Keep up the good blog.