Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alpine dash...

Tried to head north nice and early.  As soon I was ready to hop in the truck, I caught a glimpse of visitors heading in from the SW.  In fear of more wire chewing, I waited for them to arrive and lured half the herd 1/4 mile away with some range feed.  Came home and chased the other half to the end of my driveway and headed to Alpine.  

Stocked up on swamped in supplies and picked up some hardware for the Mt. McKennites.  Unfortunately, the forecast shows ever dwindling chances of rain this weekend - but at least I'm ready now.  While in town, I ran into my buddy Tom Curry (Alpine's Master of Papercrete) working on a Don Quixote sculpture behind his studio on Murphy St.

Got a delivery today from my new friend Sikes McCord from Georgia.  He is a long time blog follower (and soon to be off-gridder) and sent me 24 silk screened Field Lab tshirts. (nicely done I must say)  In return, I am sending him some Field Lab fossils for a grotto he is building.

Set up post #2 and found I need to chip the hole a bit to work it into the correct position.  94,103,70,0,B

My friend JD sent me a link to a video today featuring our hero farmer/rancher Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms.  I just became a member of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.


tffnguy said...

Does this mean you will no longer be producing your T-Shirts?

Interesting video.

John Wells said...

The limited edition hand made tshirts will pop up again from time to time - will even include pocket T's for persnickety consumers in the next run. This was a gift from a professional silk screener.

Unknown said...

John with the weather like it is those cattle need feed an water .either the owner needs to provide or the county needs to .It's inhumane to let those creature go without just a little help.

tffnguy said...

Looks like they probably got the water from the sky. I did here for about 25 minutes of good hard rain. Terlingua ghost town area didn't see any though.

Allen Hare said...

Nice shirts.

Very interesting video. I'll check out more from him.

FTCLDF seems like a great organization. Thanks for the link. I plan to join.