Sunday, September 4, 2011

report from the field...

Tffnguy, Ring, and Robert swung by early this morning for a quick tour.  They were on their way south for breakfast at the Motor Inn.  They invited me to come along but I declined.  Five minutes after they left - the thought of a real restaurant breakfast overwhelmed me so I shot off after them.  Joined up with the crew just in time to get my order in.  After - we headed over to check out Frann's ( )latest progress on her earthbag building.  I must say that I was quite impressed with what she has accomplished with the help of her friend and neighbor Denese ( ). 

I really love this madmax structure that she built early on.  80,93,71,0,W 

And thanks to my IT guy in the UK for sending me this link months ago about a creative use of a fresnel lens.

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Anonymous said...

Mad Max, I agree it is wild but it was built with salvaged lumber and pallets. My neighbors salvaged hog wire and all I bought were nails and baling wire. It is a temporary shower area, dog house, composting toilet room, storage and the the torn up tent material on top really does provide shade. After the house is done it will all just go away. Thanks for the link.