Friday, July 27, 2012


The big plus side to having Ben Fogle spend a week here was that he helped me remove about a cubic yard of rock on the east side of the greenhouse.  If it wasn't for his assistance - I probably wouldn't have finished this till it was too late to catch the first extra water on this side.   Chipped away for 3 hours today and got tank #2 in place on the NE end.  Little Ben wandered quite a bit today but knows when the light is right in his pen.  80,101,72,0,B,0


remmij said...

rocks'n'water - pretty much defines the Southwest -
the prints on your tank are reminiscent of these -
you're rocking with the Ancients...

All Energies said...

We need some big tanks ... any advice where to buy? PS, every time we head out your way, the sky starts dumping water and we chicken out ... hoping next time we make it all the way.

Unknown said...

Ben looks so comfortable. Such good care!

Allen Hare said...

Nice work on the water tanks.

The little guy seems to be adjusting well. Hope that he, and you, are doing well.