Friday, July 13, 2012

velvet mite friday



tffnguy said...

We always called them Rain Bugs. Been living with them at times for ever and never had a problem. They seem to show up around the rainy season.

beehappyrescuer said...

Hmm, velvety.

He looks yummy; how would you prepare him? Stir-fried with bok choi? Chocolate dipped?

;0) just kidding. So what is his name?

Rita B. said...

I'm having calf viewing withdrawals over here. Velvet bugs just ain't gonna cut it. (But it's pretty)

remmij said...

Mr. Wells - am trying to catch up on things @ tfl -
sorry about how it went with Bob - hopefully, her parting legacy to Ben was a king sized dose of colostrum - the little guys have to be on the tough side just to make it down in that country - Ben certainly has a better shot with you on his side.
You probably have seen these & have more advice and help than you need, but thought I'd throw in my 2¢ too - good luck.

Recent research has indicated that many scour cases can be directly related to lack of colostrum intake by the newborn calf. A calf that is well mothered and consumes 1 to 2 quarts of colostrum in the first few hours after birth absorbs a higher level of antibodies and is far less susceptible to scours and other calfhood diseases.

scours/UC Davis

Rev.JimmyLeeBob said...

from the velvet underground

Allen Hare said...

Amazingly intense color on that bug. Never seen one before. I bet the birds love 'em!

Morgan said...

Cool critter, would love to see one some day!