Sunday, August 26, 2012


Passed these friends on the way to church this morning.  Brilliant sermon today about being vessels of Christ.  Nice visit this afternoon from my new friends Derrick Perrin, his wife Kendra, (another) little Ben, Grason, and great aunt Tish.  My little Ben checked in today at 96lbs and 30" to his withers.  87,96,67,0,B, .15  New addition to the Sunday blog post - scripture for the week (how to be self sustainable for eternity) .  From the New Living Translation of the Bible - Acts 2:40.  100 generations ago this is what Peter spoke... "Save yourselves from this generation that has gone astray!"


Dizzy-Dick said...

And that warning still holds true.

Jim in WNC said...

John, I did not know that you are a believer. I have often wondered what folks do in your area for fellowship. I have enjoyed your blog for some time. Keep up the good work. You're an inspiration for those of us considering the off-grid life. Thanks.

remmij said...

a worthy choice, but hard, like the land you inhibit.

free will

in this context, the horns look like they are in a pew - church can take many forms.

Dani said...

"Save yourselves from this generation that has gone astray!"

I like that - thank you.

D. B. Day IV said...


God bless you brother. I'm so happy you know God's grace.

And here's a quote from Richard Rohr, a very cool Franciscan Father in NM that I think you would enjoy:
"The cure for loneliness is solitude." But you could probably write a whole book on that.

Guy Hodges said...

Proud to see Bonnie has mad a believer out of you. I might just have to take in a service at the Big Bend Tabernacle next time I make it down your way.

Allen Hare said...

Love the cows photo. They will evidently seek out any slight natural feature for protection and comfort.

As a fellow red head, I applaud todays visitors. Way to keep it going, Perrins! The sight of all that red hair makes me a bit dizzy, though.

Save yourself, and save a brother or sister, too.

JohnnyM said...

Little Ben sure brought a lot of joy to my day today. 8/27/12. Thank you!