Saturday, December 29, 2012

the road home...

Made the last supply run to Alpine for the year.  Stocked up in case we get some predicted rain next week.  Thankfully, I didn't spend a dime at McCoys today.  I love the view coming home.  Got in around 3PM and unloaded then went out to give the boys a snack.  Walked out to the barn with feed and water and noticed the west fence line had fallen and no steers in sight.  I hadn't put any Tpost clips on that run - just had a couple of extra Tposts at angles holding it up.  For a brief moment I felt like a mother whose child was lost in a mall.  Drove around for about a half hour trying to find them.  As I was heading south, I saw them right outside the SE corner of the fence.  I easily corralled Ben by the greenhouse then chased Bud back across the downed fence.  I was thinking that Bud would want to go off looking for his mama...but I guess Ben persuaded him to just look around the property and stay close.  Fixed some clips on the west run. 

Reckon next on the list is to put up the the rest of the 420 clips so this doesn't happen again.  Since Brewster County is not open range - the last thing I need is an irate neighbor calling the sheriff because my longhorns are on their property.  Dick Cain has been forced to herd all his cattle back onto Agua Fria Ranch so I won't be getting bovine guests here any more (which is really a shame because I love those longhorns - they are the heart of this country).  I think Ben was delivered to me for this reason - Bovine Providence.  39,54,33,0,B,0


remmij said...

"Dick Cain has been forced to herd all his cattle back onto Agua Fria Ranch so I won't be getting bovine guests here any more (which is really a shame because I love those longhorns - they are the heart of this country)."
Sorry to read that - it certainly changes the character of things there. Glad you secured B&B and glad they are there, but tfl won't be the same without the occasional longhorn visitor, single or in a herd... always enjoyed those photos when they came calling. TEXAS is on its way to becoming just another texas, imho.

John Wells said...

Rich ranchers and citiots are the bane of my existence...which shall be overcome. They can try to adjust the desert landscape to fit their whims...but the landscape will win in the end.

Dale said...

It's sad thing to hear that a land without fences isn't open range. That explains why we haven't seen any pics of the breakfast club in a while. So did OBC decide to hang out with the rest of Mr.Cains herd?

Rita B. said...

Breaks my heart me wont be seein Beatrice, OBC, Senora H, Pink, Gunga and all the other beautiful longhorns anymore. Thankfully Ben and Bud are still within sight. Hope Mr. Floppy stays safe out on the range.

S.A.B.L.E. said...

It seems too many citiots are trying to change all of rural Texas. It's happening here is East Texas as well.

Glad B&B are home safe and sound.

remmij said...

been thinking about it - did you get the state-memo regarding Carl?
first they came for the pigeons, then they came for the ducks and gineau hens, then the h.s. kids in San Antonio, then they came for Carl... the momentum just keeps increasing.
If this No Más range policy was in effect 5 years ago, the cosmic meeting of Benita & one John Wells wouldn't have happened and the fabric of being would have been that much more frayed.
Run Free Carl, strut free. And J.W., check your ankles everyday.
they work with cowboy boots too
if I didn't laugh a little bit, I'd be weeping.

Allen Hare said...

Glad to hear that they hadn't wandered off too far. What's a rancher to do?