Saturday, March 22, 2014


Had a visit and interview today with Billy Ulmer who is traveling the country talking to folks that live in tiny houses.  He is working on a project for   Pad = Portland Alternative Dwellings.  The most interesting part of our conversation today was when he told me he would be doing an interview in Chatham, NY (just down the road from where I used to live in upstate NY).  His tiny house subject there is Aldo Lavaggi.   Aldo has his mini homestead on the grounds of Solaqua.  It was the work I did there with the founder Jody Rael (a couple of years before my move to the desert) that got me interested in off grid living in the first place.  Tiny house...small world.  73,88,56,0,W 


mwsmarc said...

Small world, indeed! Great story, John.

mwsmarc said...
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nature ramblings said...

Small world, I live in Oregon, will have to get to Portland and check them out. Thanks for the story and info!!!

Dale said...

I thought the tiny houses were a novel idea until you find out these kids are paying in excess of $200 a square foot to build it then live in a friends or parents backyard. That my friend is neither practical nor is it what I would consider freedom.

Your place on the other hand is so minimalist that you've been living free and clear for years now and that is freedom.

C T Dunn said...

I agree with Dale, you, John, are doing something practical, these so called, TINY house advocates are just silly, in my opinion. Why build on wheels? Get a small plot - off grid perhaps - build a decent space at a decent price. Even using used materials, now that is practical.

Of course, I could nor would I want your lifestyle, never the less, I applaud you for doing so and more for reporting on your efforts.