Saturday, April 16, 2016


Finally cleaned out the chest fridge.  It has been a year and have half since the last time I scrubbed it down.  Only found 2 life forms living near the bottom.  81,90,63,0,B


Margery Billd said...

Good for you. Looks good. Isn't it amazing how things get done all in God's time.

Larry G said...

ugh - the last time the freezer in the garage died - and we were away -we found out that many processed, boxed food has insect larvae in it - including maggots.. of course if the stuff stays frozen until you cook it - you never know - you just get that extra protein!

Unknown said...

Larry ... Way too much information! ;-)

Larry G said...

sorry about that - it was SO disgusting that my wife would not use that freezer again - we had to get rid of it!

Lee98632 said...

Hello, it is good to see some one doing this kind of thing.

That looks like a Harbor Freieght solar panel system.

If so, you just answered my question on how many we need for our life style.

We do have a child with a rare genetic disease so we do have to have refridgeration with his medical foods.

I wont go to deep in to that.lets nust say his medical food side can cost 200 bucks an order and that is for 10 items.

At any rate. We are here in the Pacific NorthWest.

We are renting and soon to have the car paid off.after that is paid for i was thinking about getting land.

My jaw dropped when I seen the price of land.

Unfortunately our son needs to attend school..

Is there even a school in that area?
Are thier kids in that area?

John Wells said...

Lee98632 said...

Cool, i like the capti9n on the bottom about ever child should be preseneted with an opprotunity to learn.

Our son has leqrned much.
We put some pipes togeather,fitted it to the pump and and put the filter on the pump.

All the time saying things like "this is a water pump,it helps move water" and this filter goes on intake side, its the area where we connect the hose to.

Afteer it was built 3 days later we scored an 85 scorcher.
He got to play in sprinkler.

We filled the bathtub with water.

WE hope to get some rain barrels.