Sunday, April 3, 2016


Luke 6:25Woe unto you that are full! for ye shall hunger. Woe unto you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn and weep.


Margery Billd said...


Unknown said...

a time for everything

Will It Help? said...

Hi John, I know you're about 60 miles from the Blue Origin launch/landing site, but have you been able to see any of that activity?

J said...

Basically God is saying "How dare you be happy on earth. I'll make you pay for eternity."

Margery Billd said...

Continue to thirst after knowledge and stay in the word.

Unknown said...

Hi J I don't think that's what this is saying at all. I would think of it as if you're full share. If you're laughing at others hunger , do not.

Not sure though I wasn't there. I mean it doesn't make sense that the creator would allow us to live here and wouldn't want us having a happy existence. If we're having a happy existence at the expense of others then that's probably not gonna be good for us. Americans of which I am one, well we're pretty fat in the world and I mean fat not as we're heavy with weight but we're full. We need to be sharing and if we're not, which I think I probably am not sharing enough, we should be sharing more.

Something that has been in my mind these last few months is, animals. I keep seeing these videos of animals of various types showing affection and love for one another, even though they are different species. I could link various videos, but I'm sure people have seen them.
If a horse can play with a dog and have fun and show affection. If a turtle can come to the rescue of another turtle that is flipped over on its back and help it right itself. I personally saw a duck in the middle of a busy road that would not leave its mate behind that was struck and killed by a car, that's love.
These animals feel pain, feel love, feel happiness, have fun playing, they can show all these feelings, how can we kill them.
I saw a video of a mass chicken processing plant. Its horrific and brutal the way they are slaughtered.
Yes we've been killing animals since we were created or rather since we left the Garden of Eden.

I'm rambling. What troubles me is should we be eating things that feel and love. Animals that care for not only their kind but other kinds of animals as well.

The Garden of Eden was our first diet. Perhaps we should be rethinking about what we eat.

Hey don't get me wrong I currently eat chicken and steak in fact I love a steak. I have not had to kill my own food to eat it. If I had to, I for sure would not waste any of it and would be looking at my garden long and hard to supply what I needed.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your thoughts on my ramble, if there are any.

J said...

It just seems to me that the only rule you need to live a full, productive and happy life is "Do unto others; live and let live", and you don't need a god to tell you that. All the other rules and convoluted writings are used to keep a thumb on people who believe.

I really could care less what other people believe...until it comes to the point where they want to impose their superstitions on others. Christianity (more specifically the way Christianity in it's various denominations is practiced in the USA) is especially bad at that.

Steve said...

I couldn't agree more. I'm so tired of these "religious freedom" bills designed to impose their doctrine on those that don't believe, under the guise of some twisted misconception that somehow if we don't agree with you we're infringing on your religious freedom. You have religious freedom already, people. You've had it ever since we stole this land from the Native Americans. You go live your life, just don't tell me how I should be living mine. If you don't like the way others live, that's tough. I'm living my life the way I see fit, you do the same with yours. So tired of all these "wide stance" hypocrites and false prophets.

pamit said...

Good post, George Alexander! I too am dismayed by how humankind treats other species of animals on this planet, particularly those we eat. Now, if you're Christian you know the bit about God giving man dominion over the animals. "Dominion" certainly doesn't mean torture and suffering and you don't have to be a New Testament kinda guy to believe that. I submit that humans have not, as a species, evolved far enough to understand the suffering and pain we cause sentient beings in the name of fast, cheap meat. Someday, if we survive long enough, we will. I would hope that Christians would lead the way in that evolution, but I'm not holding my breath.

In the meantime, George, maybe you'll consider that simply because you don't have to slaughter the animals, doesn't mean that you're not part of the "food chain" that includes such suffering for (as you point out) sentient beings who feel joy and love. Maybe you'll think about gradually cutting down on the animals you consume.

Thanks for writing so movingly. What a contrast to John's original post about God warning us not to laugh. The notion!