Tuesday, April 19, 2016

payphone project

Spent an hour hunting for my soldering iron and finally found it.  Wired in a 20 second re-recordable sound module - audio out to the speaker in the receiver - nine volt battery power supply to the hang up switch - wire leads off the circuit board (that was tricky) for playback.  All I need now is the micro switch to activate it when a coin drops.  Cha-ching!  78,88,61,0,B


Margery Billd said...

Maybe one of your callings could have been an engineer since you know so much - or maybe multi-talented.

remmij said...

message suggestions…
•"…at the tone please deposit an additional $100 dollars in quarters… and call your Mama…"
•"…this is Ben, at the tone please deposit all your spare change… I like snacks"
•"…if you are here you may as well leave all coinage at the tone…"
•"…this is the bunny gang, if you want to make it back to your car, cough up those quarters…now"
•"… Javier, we need more quarters – Jenny's number, 867-5309, is a toll call"
411 — Jenny needs another 25¢ for her area code

Smackmama said...

How in the world do you know how to do all this stuff?

Ronald Mahan said...

Margery Bills - That is a nice thing to say about John - but I assure you that many engineers could not do what John has done at the Field Lab! I am not speaking about all engineers - just myself as an engineer - who barely passed those tough electrical engineering courses.

rj said...

Why not hook up your actual phone line that you have to it as an extension?

John Wells said...

rj...one might think that would be the logical thing to do, however... 1. I don't need a second phone extension. 2. I did have my line connected to it for awhile but no visitors ever wanted to call anyone. 3. When the line was split and connected to the payphone, the electronics in there screwed with my DSL line (and no - a line filter didn't help). The reason I got the payphone (donated) in the first place was just to have something interesting (and logical) to block the box there my phone line comes onto the property.

earthimpressions said...

Howdy John,

Of the two old men and one woman that visited with you yesterday, I was the lesser ol' man. Anyway, At our gallery, Touch of Texas in Carrollton, Texas I rigged a door switch to play a recording of Yellow Rose of Texas which I plucked out on my guitar. I had a bit of a problem with the rewind wiring, so I just found a circular cassette tape to hold my message. I don't remember how long the tape was--they came in several sizes, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 etc. Anyway, I found an adjustable timer with 120 volt contacts and ran the plug for the cassette player through those contacts. Then I adjusted the timer to the exact length of the tape.

I think my wife had a couple of extra minutes left on the visitor parking. I hope you'll let us have those minutes back next time we visit.

Randy Cox