Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pure Sine Wave

Since I seem to be going soft in my old age, it was time for a little upgrade to my Frankenstein solar system.  Just tested out a new 3,000 watt pure sine wave inverter to run my 5,000 Btu air conditioner in the afternoon.  Although Pepino is still a real gem keeping me cool overnight into mid morning, it just can't keep up with my comfort zone in the blazing hot afternoons this time of year.  The test went flawlessly and my solar ran the AC just fine.  Up until now, I have had to run the AC for a couple of hours in the afternoon off my generator.  90,99,65,0,B


JB said...

Now that is very cool! Solar a.c.-wow!!

Robert said...

Is your system running everything in the cabin now? Getting out of the is a priority for me.

John Wells said...

My solar runs everything except my power tools and welder.

rj said...

Welcome to the magic of refrigeration. Next step should be an inverter based minisplit which can sometimes reduce watts in half by utilization of significantly more efficient variable speed motors. The right minisplit heat pump version (best available are Mitsubishi h2i) would heat in the winter at full capacity down to 5F as well, reducing your propane consumption. Trane, generally considered the best residential ducted systems, will be soon rebranding Misubishi minisplits as well.

David Johnson said...

What kind is it

Margery Billd said...

Good. Moving forward..... Might need more as you get older.

Margery Billd said...

I have a Trane. Expensive for me but works well. Must have.

Off Grid Research said...

Before did you just not have a big enough inverter?
Are those the new batteries you got a few months ago?
In research I understand it is advised to ground it to protect your investment.

John Wells said...

Jon P...yes, I needed a bigger inverter and those are the batteries I bought last year. After having run the AC off my batteries for 5 hours yesterday I did notice that it is taking more time than usual for my batteries to fully recharge today. I am going to add another 400 watts of solar panels to the system (I bought the panels over a year ago and just haven't put them into service yet). The extra input will assure that the AC can run all day and not take a toll on the batteries. It is really difficult to properly ground electrical systems here due to the type of soil we have and the dry climate. None of my systems are grounded. When there is a lightning storm in the area (which happens rarely), I turn off and unplug all my electronics.

Margery Billd said...

I turn off electric here also. Hit once.

Demented guy said...

Can you post about your whole solar system. Or if you have remind me when you did, so I can go back and find it? Trying to figure what is required to run a a/c like yours. Thank you.

John Wells said...

Demented Guy... I ran my 5,000 Btu AC for 4 hours off a battery bank that has about 500 Amp Hours of storage capacity that was being charged with 400 watts of solar. That wasn't enough solar input to keep up with the demand and it ran my batteries down a little too low. I am adding another 400 Watts of solar panels to the system so hopefully I will have more power coming in than going out. I will report back on how that works out.

Homer Ellinger said...

Hopefully you'll have it all figured out to a perfect configuration by the time i move to off grid lol. I'm shooting for Aug. 2020 yes i will gladly compensate you somehow for your invaluable knowledge.

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