Tuesday, August 16, 2022

No traffic this trip...

Trying longer distance missions now. Ran this "long mission" for a second time the morning after the traffic incident with border patrol. The rover made it the full distance with no major issues. I walked along with it again to make sure it didn't come across any other vehicles. Started through my back driveway, then did a segment along an old ATV trail before going back onto ranch roads. Did a loop through my old airfield to add a little more distance and finished coming up my front driveway. I also changed the mounting of the GPS and repositioned the Osmo Action camera to the rear of the vehicle. No onboard FPV since the rover was out of range for a good portion of the trip. Eventually I will have to upgrade the telemetry and FPV systems so I can always be in contact with the rover no matter how far away it is. 80,88,70, .12",0

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