Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jason Van Anden

More block work and some prep for an Alpine run tomorrow - but enough about me.  Time to gush about my old Brooklyn friend Jason Van Anden.  We met over 12 years ago through my friend David Liatti when we were all working on some robotics projects. 

Jason is the mastermind behind the ‘I'm Getting Arrested' smartphone app.   Jason and his wife came to visit me after I had moved to upstate NY and we all joked about trolls living in my forest. I hooked up with Jason today on Facebook and I suggested he work on an app called "I am being attacked by trolls" (which would probably work just as well for over-zealous law enforcement).  He said it's already in development.  Here are some more links to my brilliant friend.  and   50,68,55,0,W


Brooklyn11218 said...

Do trolls like donkeys?

bayrider said...

that's one clever dude, I heard about that app, it got a lot of press.

Anonymous said...
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