Saturday, April 14, 2012

bore snakes, chickletts, and tshirts

Picked up some cleaning supplies, checked out Carl's new girlfriends coming next week, and got my load of awesome tshirts from my buddy Rick at Bullshirtz.  He did an excellent job - Benita brown ink on desert tan shirts - these are printed on 100% cotton, preshrunk. They go on sale Monday - $20 including shipping and tax within the US - $35 for international orders.  Will post the pay pal link - cash through the mail will work too.  86,94,54,0,W


Scuba Steve said...

Does anyone that is out by John know if there are Verizon cell towers on any of the local peaks? Specifically, is there line of sight to the towers from the field lab?


davidfe said...

John, Are they sexed? What breed is Carl and the new ones?

DJcracker said...

No cell towers at this time. Our AT&T coverage is spotty on the ranch road and the first 3 miles of Cedar Springs road. Rumors are that cell towers may soon be placed on Nine Points Mesa & Elephant mountain. Low cost satellite phone coverage for Brewster County residents is available from DialToneServices (DTS)

Scuba Steve said...

@DJcracker - thanks for info on towers. Was more concerned about a 3G/4G connection so I could take a work-vacation for a week. I have an amplifier and yagi antenna that will let me pick a signal from many miles away IF.... I have line of sight to the tower.

Looks like I may need to think more seriously about investing in a satellite setup.

Allen Hare said...

I checked the Verizon coverage when I bought my iPhone last year. Their map showed no coverage whatsoever in the Big Bend area, so I went with AT&T.

The Bore Snakes look like a great cleaning tool.

Them chicks look cute. Hope Carl takes a shine to 'em.