Monday, January 28, 2013


Transferred 1550 gallons of old creek water and topped off one of the 3000 gallon tanks. Took about 2 hours to clean out the newly emptied one.  Rolled it over to's the new catchment tank for the barn roof.  Ben approved after giving it the lick test.  BTW...Bud is doing fine after yesterday's surgery. (Wonder if he has phantom pain - I'm still feeling it after watching the procedure.)   65,79,40,0,W,0


Jill said...

Glad Bud's OK.

Allen Hare said...

Lest we forget that water management is a daily chore in the desert. I was wondering if you'd set up a catchment system on the barn roof. It would've been a shame to let that nice roof be unproductive.
Best of luck with all the projects, and continued good health to you and your critters.

remmij said...

M. Wells, re: UStream - a thought & a tangent

I hesitate to pass this along because I kinda enjoy the West TX ambient...
but sometimes it makes other things hard to hear - like when you are speaking.
audio wind whiskers
the up side is that it would give your camera the matching, stylish pogonotrophist look.

p.s. bet M. Carl & M. Hopper were out of lasso range during Bud's enhanced procedure -
no sense taking any undo chances.

no end to the creative use of machinery/tools to remove appendages... - or willingness - do they make a ReMasculator?
the slippery slope after hair removal
London a top manufacturer of ⌘z
the finger

smackmama solitude said...

You make the most beautiful pictures...great clarity! I feel like I'm right there with Ben.

Al said...

I'm sure you know to leave a couple of feet of water in a tank unless you plan to or for it to be moved.

Chris Miller said...

Why the holes in your hose? We fought to keep suction with our new pump and 2" hoses and wondered if you figured out something we haven't. We primed it well too....

Chris Miller - One Family's Journey To Finding True Happiness

John Wells said...'s just an old hose - that's all.

Modern Day Redneck said...

I know you usually don't answer comments but could you show your filtration system for your water tanks if you have one. I am using a Bio Sand Filter for mine and even distilling some. Other than that I pump it right into the bathhouse and gardens so I am looking for a fast filtering system that can run off solar.

John Wells said...

I have yet to decide how I'm going to filter some of my rainwater for potable use.

Kevint said...

You are growing an impressive water farm.

Jesse said...

That is a LOT of work! Here in Phoenix, AZ I store about 1,000 gallons of water in drums (55 gals each).

I wish we got enough rain to make a water catchment shystem feasable. Would sure cut down on the water bills!

Glad the pup is on the mend. Poor thing.

- Jesse
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