Saturday, January 19, 2013

greenhouse extraction

Made a big dent in the greenhouse today.  Harvested over a half pound of jalapenos and basil to dry for later use.  Had to open the "tent" for awhile this afternoon to let some heat out - got up to 85° in there.  Midway through the clean routine, I had a visit from another faction of the Panther Mountain Clan. 54,68,31,0,C, .6


Dizzy-Dick said...

Back when I was there, you were just building the greenhouse. You sure have come a long ways.

John Wells said... when are you and my Texas mom coming back? Ben and Bud want to meet ya'll.

Rita B. said...

Ok. Where are you hiding all that stuff?

Allen Hare said...

That greenhouse is such a beautiful space when it's straightened up. Looking forward to the build out of the two containers.