Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Worked the south wing today.  Lots of bits and pieces to sort.

On January 8th, I started four moringa seeds.  Got one healthy sprout now, two about to break ground, and one possible dud.  Not bad for the first round started in winter.  Nice healthy banana leaf unfurling.  Another 3 weeks and winter in the desert will officially be over.  43,59,36,0,W,0


Rita B. said...

Well, my daddy always told me "look for that ONE cold front that comes ABOUT Easter". But the climate's changing. You just don't know anymore.

Dale said...

I hear that Moringa trees do not like being transplanted and most die in the process, so hope they are in separate buckets already.

Jeanette's OzPix said...

I'm in Australia and I'd say our climates are similar.

I've had two attempts at planting moringa seeds. The first one two years ago was a flop, and the reason was that I watered them too much.

This time round I'm having success. I only watered after the soil became dry on the next day.

Don't transplant them too early. Let them outgrow the pots they are in first, and keep them in the warmest place you can.

We have had some extremely hot days this summer, and surprisingly my little moringas just loved the heat, even without being watered too much. Any other young plant would have keeled over.

Anyhow, all the best with your babies... just keep them warm until the warm weather hits.

Allen Hare said...

Nice work!

Never heard of morning. Is it a tree?

Khitttisun said...

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