Friday, January 11, 2013

Michael Bunker

Could have really used a bright/sunny day today to dry out my road. Lots of soaked ruts to contend with since some joker plowed through yesterday.   Cloudy = wet road and low power.  Not much happening here today other than steer bonding and light chores. Twisted 40 more t post clips into place then worked on my generator for awhile - I think I have it narrowed down to a bad AVR.  Started the latest book by my friend Michael Bunker...  Wick. 

A compelling story that everyone needs to read. Check it out.


Fester said...

John, found a 1200 W generator new at a place called A to Z. Price was $150.00.
Yes I know it cheap stuff but might be handy in a bind. Yes I know your a long way from Alma Ar. Just wanted to share it with you just in case. Give Ben a hug for me.

Allen Hare said...

Were you able to top off your tanks with all that rain?

Good luck with the generator.