Wednesday, June 17, 2020

a very fast mechanism...



John Wells said...

Watch fix of the week. Type A-8 stop watch, made by Waltham for the Air Corps US Army, spec #94-27749 from 1943 - and wound tight. Got it running and it has been cruising along for 4 hours. Just one loose screw was the only problem (red arrow in the thumbnail photo). The A-8 was known as the ‘jitterbug’ because of the loud and fast ticking of the balance at an amazing 40 beats per second (144,000 beats per hour). They were used by the Army Air Corps to calculate ground speed by timing their positions over known landmark distances. Baila Mi Cumbria by Jimmy Fontanez / Media Right Productions. Working It by Jingle Punks used by permission from the YouTube Audio Library.

RossA said...

I live in Mass and have been to the Waltham Watch Museum.
Are the markings on the first view a date code?


intermittent marathonian 00 said...

Cool and informative.

John Wells said...

RossA...16 indicates the size, '43 the year, the bottom numbers are the serial number. The full serial # is 31954016. Waltham produced 10,000 of these stop watches in 1943.

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