Thursday, June 4, 2020

Truck shopping...

1997 Ford F-250 Heavy Duty pickup with slide in camper, 460 cu in engine, 53,000 miles, 5 new 10 ply tires...should I buy it?


B.B. Sutton said...

In a New York minute!

Rob said...

If you need it or want it and can afford it, go for it!

Marlin Andrus said...
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Marlin Andrus said...

Depends a lot on price

intermittent marathonian 00 said...

If it is FWD, yes.

John Andrew said...

John - this classic Ford, built tough truck! Body looks in great condition. Service record?
1997 is the last year Ford mfg the beast 460 CI, 7.5L 245 HP engine. Only driven <200 mi/mo!
Very reliable, but avg 14 mpg hwy to 8 mpg to tow camper. Don't know about Ben's 5th wheel.
FYI - DFW retail market for outstanding 1997 F250-360 and <100k is in $3-5K range + camper.
Best wishes to buy your bug out vehicle - from the great SW Texas desert to visit us ALL!

canyonwhizzer said...

If you like 23 year old vehicles.....go for it.

KW said...

It won't want to pass a gas station without stopping... but heck yes I would buy it. They make a fifth wheel hitch that hides away under the bed so you could still slide the camper in and out.

MsBelinda said...

It looks to be in great shape with low mileage. Depending on the price I would certainly consider it.

Off Grid Research said...

Looks Nice, If a good price you could probably turn around and resell it pretty quick for a decent profit.

Unknown said...

No don’t do it. Truck is too old

Larry G said...

don't know what happened to the Toyota but not a fan of old vehicles unless you like tinkering... and buying parts.

John Wells said...

My Toyota is still running fine with 99,000 miles on it. Just contemplating a local deal for a backup vehicle.

Larry G said...

The Ford F-250 is a tough vehicle. Would it do the muddy roads any better than the Toyo?

John Wells said...

The point is to stay OFF the roads when they are muddy.

Larry G said...

Roger that! That 250 is probably right up your ally - it's fairly simple compared to modern trucks - and you're pretty handy with all manner of things others would find difficult...and parts should be available... property taxes on it would be nil... I suspect... are you still livestreaming? for some reason I no longer get notice and I miss it.

John Wells said...

I have pretty much decided to pass on the deal. 14 mpg just doesn't make any sense to me.

John Wells said...

Changed my mind again. I am buying it.

Larry G said...

let the adventure begin... ;-)


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