Thursday, June 11, 2020

Let's get political...

I have never had any respect for the White House Press Secretary - no matter who is in office.  They are nothing but a whore for their boss and they will double down on every lie.  It's only fitting that Trump's looks like... A. a prostitute, B. a porn star, C. a blow up doll.  93,100,74,0,B


BLT said...

Have you been hacked?

dalej said...

I am so disappointed, please expand on how a Christian can make this kind of comment.

Penelope said...

I totally agree with your comment about her. Good for you. I am ashamed of this 'administration'.

B.B. Sutton said...

Boom!...Nailed it.

Mark Ducroz said...

Christian comments
Disappointed inthe post. I have been following a long time . May lose me on this post.

Rita B. said...

This doesn't sound like you John. As for myself, I love Kayleigh and think she's doing a fantastic job.

Unknown said...

Wow not very Christian like for you to say that

MsBelinda said...

I couldn't agree more!

remmij said...

hmmmmm… and Barry had only males…

Aeg said...

Definitely C.

Aeg said...

I hope you dont lose any readers John. As I see it your just talking a little "Locker room talk". Same as our commander and chief. Who by the way is a Christian. What's the harm in that?

Ron/Debbie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aeg said...

And that's why we have freedom of speech. I do hope you will reconsider.
I also hope and pray that you do not support our current commander in chief anymore. He has said, and still does while in office, much worse things. Please do not focus on the liberal news or the Conservative rhetoric but please just focus on what the President says and especially the way he says it and the things he says about people he believes arent loyal. His rallies and speeches shows his true character and intent. This country is not better off. Our 401ks are tanking, our allies are no longer our allies and our country is divided and he does nothing but add fuel to the fire to keep the anger alive. A divided country is a conquered country. And in my opinion Donald Trump is no Christian. He himself said he doesnt ask for forgiveness. I doubt he can even recite the lords prayer.

Homer Ellinger said...

I come here when I get sick and tired of politics and now this. I think John took a break and Earl from Eco Ranch took over.

Aeg said...

Agreed. Usually i dont post but got I a little spun up. I am done replying. Looking forward to the clock videos and posts about west Texas living.

John Wells said...

Aeg...Your take on Trump is spot on.

Aeg said...

Glad you agree. And thanks for the great blog and insite into off grid Texas living. I miss my home state of Texas. (WA state for the last 30 + years)

Off Grid Research said...

Say anything political and people get bent out of shape.
It just John's opinion Man!
I agree with Aeg's post.
My opinion is most politicians are lying crooks. It usually comes down to voting for the lesser of the evils.
And... I am a Christian.

John Andrew said...

Congratulations John,
You for getting more comments from this 1 blog post than you got from all the rest!
So much for those old trucks, broken watches, dead tomato plants and dirty birds!
Keep on using Trump's gorilla marketing campaign, it gets you blog post comments!

Mark Ducroz said...

If you don't care about Trump that's fine. Look around today and see what you will reap if a Democrat is elected. SOCIALIST COUNTRY.

JudithK said...

I am laughing. This is probably the most offensive post you could come up with, guaranteed to set off almost everyone. How long did it take you to come up with this gem. Or was it off the top of your head.

JudithK said...

P.S. I had not expected this from you. As you have refrained from political comments in recent years, for which I thank you very much, I was still happy to see that you are not entirely in favor of our current president.

Ron/Debbie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Andrew said...

Maybe we should ask - how does old horny Ben judge Trumps press secretary?

Bill in Texas said...

So now you are judging people by their appearance? Just because she is attractive, you think she looks like a prostitute or a porn star or a blowup doll? You, of all people, should not be judging people by their appearance. Look in a mirror some time. You look like a homeless crackhead with that filthy beard. I think you have been spending too much time in the sun without a hat. This is the last time I will visit your site. So disappointing!

Mark Ducroz said...

I think your following has decreased. I know it has by one. So long for now.

Rita B. said...

So honestly, what gives here John? It's truly not like you to make such hateful comments toward someone you don't know... and especially a young woman.

Mark Ducroz said...


Tycobb said...

Did you joint the Terlingua drinking team? LOL don't hold back tell us how you really feel

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Unknown said...

Spin doctors are employed to protect the part line; why would you expect her to do anything else?

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