Thursday, June 25, 2020

Some light summer reading on pre-order from Amazon.


John Wells said...

I guess I'm a sucker for books that Trump fights tooth and nail to stop from being published.

MsBelinda said...

That makes two of us John. However, I think I will wait until it comes to a public library near me.

Margery Billd said...

Mary is Fred's daughter, Donald's brother. I remember seeing bright-eyed, inquisitive Donald in his limo looking out at the world. Donald took the money so Mary's handicapped brother could not get all the medical help he needed. I liked Fred, but he drank and did not get help from his family and died at age 42 in '81. Fred once paid for me to see Bridges at Toko Ri when I was trying to get in free. He became an airline pilot for 10 years. (I was engaged at age 18 to the person I married when I met Fred at a college). I remember Fred was concerned about me and where I would spend holidays because my family was half way around the world with the military. He mentioned one of the islands in the Bahamas so I knew he must have money. He was briefly assigned to sit next to me in chapel but normally he smelled like alcohol and his family disowned him since he did not go in the construction business and chose what thought was a lesser type of work. He loved planes. Later I wrote aircraft accident reports for the military and would not fly for a long time. :-)

Steve said...

The Bolton book leaked in PDF form and is available online. No sense paying the guy who put his own best interests ahead of the country.

John Wells said...

Steve...I am more than happy to support Bolton. It is Trump that has put his own best interests ahead of the country.

John Andrew said...

"The Great Reset - The Elitist Coalition to Redesign the World"

Published by: Dr. Martin Armstrong

This report goes into great detail about a well funded & well-organized coalition to not just impose vaccines and depopulate the world, which may even be a ploy knowing they will not vaccinate China or Russia, but to actually destroy the world economy to end fossil fuels and impose by bribery and collusion their vision of how the world should function to stop Climate Change and impose by decree ZERO CO2.

We are facing massive unemployment as they wipe out industry and continue to try to keep people locked down to reduce CO2. For two months, Britain needed less electricity and they shut down coal plants. There is a fleet of cars that remain unsold and even Hertz was forced into bankruptcy. They have shut down tourism and Southern Europe will not survive without massive bailouts blowing the entire debt situation to insanity.

There are even two types of vaccines they have been developing. The first is the standard where they inject you with a portion of the virus. But Gates has also funded vaccines that operate totally differently. They are targeting your genetic DNA to alter it under the pretense it will prevent COVOD-19.

Most people do not realize that Helmut Kohl who admits he acted like a dictator to create the Euro denying t6he German people any right to vote on the question, was caught in 2000 with massive bribes he had taken and the CDU even distanced itself from him. When he died, there were accounts in Switzerland with millions undisclosed and cash transactions is parking lots. All of this corruption created the Euro outside any democratic process. This is the very same strategy being employed and politicians embrace this agenda against the people.

This report dives into every aspect and documents their agenda from calling for a 400% increase in taxation and providing Guaranteed Basic Income for those they put out of work to stay home and just watch TV on a minimal subsistence.

Welcome to the New Green Socialist World Order!

Tucker Conrad said...

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