Saturday, June 20, 2020

Silver Star

This one put up quite a fight getting repaired and reassembled, but I prevailed in the end.  One of the nicest dials out of all the pocket watches I bought so far.  In other news:  over 1,000,000 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the world in the past week - the highest rate since the pandemic started.  Thought you should know.  Chump is too busy performing for his minions in Tulsa today. (oops...did I type that out loud?)   86,102,70, .01",B


gumo said...

The virus is doing what it has been perfectly designed to do: eliminate the weak and sick, and make the healthy stronger. No matter how long we hide from it, it will hang around until it works its way through the population and completed it's mission. The virus has done this since the beginning of time and always will.

WhyR said...

@gumo: covid-19 does not make the healthy stronger. Your ignorant comment may get some otherwise healthy people killed. You need to educate yourself on the virus.

Stephen said...

What do you do with the finished watches? I might have missed it if you posted that before.

Chris & Michelle said...

We all know what opinions are like but I thought "The Field Lab " was an
" A Political Site " ? Get back to the reason you moved out there . You accomplished so many very creative and interesting things and I think many of your followers appreciated your
"Spreading of the Word" as well.

John Wells said...

Sorry...I guess Trump's endless string of lies and juvenile behavior during the campaign and throughout his term in office has finally pushed me to the tipping point. Just thought it was important to point out that we have a world health crisis going on right now and a narcissistic idiot in the white house that is more concerned about getting re-elected than dealing with the spread of the virus. That is the only thing anyone should be concerned about right now. If the pandemic continues to spiral out of control, then the reason I moved out here will all be for nothing and there won't be anything left to get back to. Yes - it's THAT SERIOUS!

Off Grid Research said...

Even living way out nowhere you are still affected by idiot politicians.
The more the ignorant, head in the sand, lying, idiot politicians are elected the more it affects everybody. Yes I am referring to the narcissistic, arrogant, Big Haired A Hole Cheeto!