Monday, April 13, 2009

Crunch and Tweet

l o n g day today. It all began so long ago with Beatrice and her sister Odet coming in for breakfast. They arrived just after the sun poked its' nose over the mountain. I had just finished putting out bird seed for my winged buddies and it was time to snack the cows. The desert morning sounds here at the Field Lab are extraordinary...especially when there is no blaring alarm clock to spoil the beginning of the day. Just got the DVD copy of my Texas Country Reporter segment in the mail today....will finally check it out tomorrow.

Temporarily installed one of my new solar panels at the wind turbine battery house to supplement the calm/sunny days. That sucker pumped out 8 amps in direct sun....rated for only 7.2 amps. That's what I like to see! Nice calm day so prepped another loaf of Holly bread for the solar oven.

Aunt Cathy, Cousins Holly and Tod, and Mustang Sally came out for a trip to the swimming hole today with yours truly as their guide. We caravaned out through the new short cut and spent about 6 hours out there. As we were just coming in, we came across some longhorns....the big Bull I just saw yesterday and 3 calves ( including Guillermo! ) I brought more range feed just in case such an opportunity would arise.

We all came back at 5:30 and I showered down while they headed home to start the grill. We had a great dinner of steak and beans and potatoes and Field Lab Holly Bread. I got home way after dark to find a few longhorns at the end of my driveway...hopefully waiting for breakfast tomorrow. Good news is, Angelina and little Buck have found each other and were with the crew. I'll have the morning snack ready when I get up tomorrow.

NOTE TO THOSE WHO HAVE VOICED CONCERN: Despite their appearance from whatever camera angle I have recently chosen, rest assured that the longhorns are all well fed by their owner and what they graze on this time of year and are all doing just fine.


pwp said...

So happy to hear that Angelina and Buck have been reunited! We've settled back into the grind and both miss Terlingua time. Thanks for the video today :) Porter

Barney, The Old Fat Man said...

Healthy longhorns do not plump out like lots of folks think cows should look.

Thunder Britches said...

John,sorry I said anything-consider me straightened out.Ive just been over reactionary from what Ive seen in my part of the state lately...hard financial times plus a state-wide-drought making affordable hay hard to come by.There have been case after case lately of neglect not only to beefers but also fine horses (even dogs/cats being left inside abandoned forclosed houses!?)Hard Times..Breaks my heart. Glad to hear your buddy-beefs are being cared for.Again-sorry I got riled up and said anything.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

We watch Texas reporter, but I never saw your 10 minutes of fame. Can we view it on their web site? If so would you be so kind as to post a link.

Carl in Houston said...

it's good to be aware of animal abuse, but those longhorns look fine to me.