Saturday, April 11, 2009


Low of 59 - High of 96. Had what used to be known as a real Saturday...a day off from the work week. There was a nice big crew (22) of longhorns in for breakfast. Guillermo was with them so we had a chance to bond a bit more. He is super friendly now - seems to enjoy having his horn yanked (don't we all?). Finally got Angelina to eat out of my hand today as well.

Cleaned up and loaded the solar oven onto my truck and headed down to the Ghost Town for the first annual Terlingua Green Scene. Hung out and chatted with lots of folks about the oven while it was cooking a load of seasoned chicken breast fillets. Nice crowds throughout the day and met a lot of great new friends. Got the pic just after I arrived, before the masses started streaming through. This is the area where the Terligua Community Garden is set up.
Packed up and headed home by 4PM and the wind started to kick in. Still had enough sun to pop in a load of black beans and rice into the solar oven...added the cooked chicken after an hour and had a solar cooked meal to serve to Bill and Porter when they came by tonight for dinner. Forgot to mention the zucchini bread they also gifted me with yesterday....and got a new can opener from them today! Had a great evening hanging out with them - chattin' and watching the stars come out. A bit earlier, little Buck came in looking for his momma - not long after he left, Angelina came in looking for her son. I reckon the longhorns get a bit out of whack when it gets windy and their scents get blown off course.


Thunder Britches said...

Angelina has ribs showing!?? Her owner has a legal and moral responsibility to keep her healthy!!
I come from a long line of Texas and New Mexico farmers/ranchers and it riles me some to see her running ragged, coming hungry for handouts of little scraps that won't really keep her healthy or alive, from a gracious and generous soul like you...(along with her hungry little baby)

You need to strap up that side arm of yours, ride over to see that ol' cowboy who owns her, spit on his boots, stare him up in the eye, an ask him..."what are you plannin on doin about keepin these poor animals fed, you peckerhead?"

There is a guy who claims to own them, isn't there? They aren't "wild" cattle are they?

You are new to this Texas Cattle Country, so let me tell you this bout how it works ...any SumBitch lets his cattle run starving and ragged needs his butt whipped, his toe shot off, and his cattle confiscated!! Contact the local State Ag. Bureau. The local federalies just might auction off these cattle to you, if you will promise to keep 'em fed and wattered. From the looks of that cow...somebody's not doing their job!! Riles Me Up!!!

I'd love to see you get ownership of these animals, if you could take care of them, if that ol boy really is neglecting them.(?)

MsBelinda said...

The Terlingua Green Scene sounds interesting.

Poor Angelina she does look awfully thin. No wonder you have so many longhorn visitors those poor cattle are starving. I agree with Thunder Britches comment.