Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Begin the Beguine

Low 41 - High 96. Switched gears today and did less visitin' and more doin'. Did splurge on a breakfast sandwich this morrning from the Grub Shack though. Got 2 loads of sand and built and set the forms for the front entry to the greenhouse. Allowing for an 8' entry just in case I need to get the truck in there. The other 3 entries will only be 3' - 4'. Kind of tricky setting them up to be squared and leveled with each other but I am way within being close enough.

Just realized today that I am entering prime solar oven cooking season for my evening meals. As soon as these partly cloudy/windy days end...I need to program myself to start prepping dinner at 4PM to pop in the oven and let the setting sun do the rest. Here is today's afternoon view of the Field Lab Living Quarters when not cleaned up for visitors.

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