Thursday, April 2, 2009

Field Lab Equinox Sunrise

Low 55 - High 84. Seems I've reached the easterly sunrise equinox here at the Field Lab. Nice sunrise position this morning, shooting right down the middle of the container courtyard. Celebrated with breakfast at the Grub Shack with Chuck'n'Kathy.

Finished off and installed the door to my outdoor shower this morning while waiting for my McCoy's delivery. Now it has that Gilligan's Island feel to it. Pretty much wrapped up both tasks by lunchtime. Since I don't eat lunch...we'll call it mid day. Filled the afternoon with a run down to Study Butte to check in with Carolyn at H2O to Go...Hoping to make it out to her house this weekend to check out their garden for inspiration. Made one last quick run to the other side of 118 to drop off Ben's cement mixer (which I haven't even used yet)....Ben is coming if for a weekend of more blazing construction no doubt. Spent the afternoon contemplating my trusses for the greenhouse. Will most likely do a lot of thinking before I fire up the welder for this project.


TimP said...

Im totally excited to find out what you do for the greenhouse, the next biggest step into becoming self sustainable!!! It is so effing inspiring!

Anonymous said...


Nat said...

I vote for aquaponics rather than traditional greenhouses--raise high yields of fish and veggies on a small physical footprint without tilling soil and while hugely conserving water. Google it John!