Monday, April 6, 2009

mostly dirt

Low 49 - High 60. Cold and windy all day. First thing this morning I went and fetched 100 gallons of water to put in Ben's new tank to keep it from blowing away. In 2 1/2 windy days, he got the metal roof on and the catchment system installed. Came back home at noon and made another batch of coffee and even turned the heater on for a little while to warm up.

Had a nice group of longhorns come by for an afternoon snack. Pulled the forms off of yesterdays quick pour then did 2 runs - one for sand and one for gravel. Just as I was cleaning up from the day, a couple of new friends I met last year came out for a quick tour of the new stuff here at the Field Lab.
I followed them out and headed down to the Ghost Town for 241 night at the Starlight. Had dinner with my new friend Zoey Sexton (the New Yorker in me says that name sounds like an early eighties punk rocker chic). She has been the driving force behind the first annual Terlingua Green Scene coming up next Saturday. Keep you fingers crossed for a sunny day that day as I plan on participating by doing a solar oven demo.

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