Sunday, December 20, 2009

marfa round trip

Sucked it up and attended a Christmas party in Marfa last night. Don't get me wrong - the party hosts are two of my favorite Marfites, but that should do it for contrived holiday occurrences this year. Booked a room at the Antelope Lodge in Alpine. Slept really well but had to hang around town till 1PM waiting for the hardware store to open today. Exchanged gifts this morning with my buddy Brenda who has worked at the AL since I first stayed there 2 years ago. Did some laundry and visited my friends Suzy and Alex....scored two big heavy doors from them that will work perfectly for the north and south entrances to the greenhouse. Grabbed a few more parts and a new grinder then headed back to home sweet home. 24 hours away is just enough time to make me really appreciate my little slice of heaven. 49,72,26,0


John Wells said...

BTW...I have confirmed that the 200,000th visitor was my friend czardastx

Andy V said...

Lucky man got himself an official Tee! Congrats, czar.

MsBelinda said...

Glad you scored some nice doors. BTW are the laundromats cheaper in Alpine that than they are in Study Butte?

I know Benita went to winter with the herd, but have you spotted her lately?

Congratulations to Czardastx!!!