Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Bent Love Handles

In the studio this morning with Brent Lovelady and William Rich...The Bent Love Handles. They were working on some songs for their debut album due out in October. Since I love the music that they write, I'm hoping that The Field Lab can help them out with some advance publicity. Spent the hot afternoon inside working on a video mix of their song After A Fall...on YouTube soon. 80, 110,74,trace of rain, W


ezrablu said...

His red hat goes nicely with his cool tshirt. I have some of them lovehandles but they don't help me sing a bit better.

Anonymous said...

Alpine has a recording studio!! I thought I was moving to isolation acres and here we have a metropolis with recording studios!

Allen Hare said...

Can't wait to hear the finished product. You should really set up a merch area on your website, where you can offer for sale items like this, as well as your t-shirts and other stuff.