Wednesday, June 2, 2010

modem problems

electrical storm last night...stay tuned.

Been having intermittent internet connection problems all day....picking up a new modem in Alpine tomorrow - just in case.

Spent 2 hours visiting Dick and Bonnie Cain at their house today. Made sure he knows who Benito is before he goes and castrates the wrong little guy.

My buddy Czar just uploaded some videos of his "unboxing" and how to quick-fold the Field Lab tshirt. Brilliant! 75,104,68,0,C


Pipsqeek said...

I read that as "Modern problems" and was going to go into a whole spiel about how a lot of problems are created from modern things that are suppose to make our lives easier.

Bruce S said...

pipsqeek, I did the exact same thing. I hope mother nature didn't fry too much of John's electronics.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Glad to see you are back up and running. At least your live cam is working.

My wife and I took pictures of us wearing your T-shirts and sent them to you as requested. It also gave me a picture of myself to put on my blogger profile. Fist picture taken of me in years. Don't want to risk breaking a perfectly good camera.

rj said...

Need to consider satellite internet to avoid that remaining 2 wires from coming in from the phone company. However considering they ran a ditch just for you, the phone company is your friend indeed.

Anonymous said...

Looking good Dizzy

Anonymous said...

I hope Dick Cain's tools are less rusty than the cast iron cookware.