Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Desert Refrigeration

FYI for those new to off grid living in SW Texas.  Refrigeration is accomplished energy free for about the next 4 months.  Overnight temperatures will keep your food cold in an insulated box.  Just moved my chest freezer (used only as a refrigerator) out to my front porch today.  37,48,35,0,W


Margery Billd said...

Hmmm, good to know. My cats eat now on top of my empty, open small freezer. I know a Boxer dog can always open a refrigerated container and eat the best food like steaks, etc.

Margery Billd said...

How are you keeping warm out there - a small heater or a wood stove?

Unknown said...

Thought I've had in my own home: fridges tend to produce heat. Might it make sense to arrange a hole in the house so that during the summer the heat vents outside and during the winter the heat, whatever of it might be created, vents in? (probably more practical with a standard fridge, but every little bit helps - or hurts!