Wednesday, August 20, 2008


In the big scheme of things, very little was accomplished today. Had to settle on planning and thinking. Need to make a run up to Alpine on Friday to order cinder blocks for my greenhouse building and creek dam, get some extra parts for a swamp cooler I am building for a neighbor, and check back with the county clerk about 120 acres that is tax delinquent adjacent to my property. Hope to make my new estate a full quarter - 160 acres.

Had a quick thunderstorm late this afternoon that dumped just over 1/4" of rain in a half hour. Pains me to see thousands of gallons of runoff pouring past me when I am not yet able to catch it for future irrigation. Hope it dries out quickly as I'm expecting a UPS delivery tomorrow afternoon with some vital parts for my DIY solar oven.

Major accomplishment of the day was getting just a little bit closer to the wild burro that is hanging with the longhorn herd nearby. I was warned by my real cowboy relatives in Colorado not to get a burro/donkey/mule because they can become a part of the family. But this poor guy looks like he could use a friend other that a bunch of longhorns that probably think of him as some kind of freak....and I'm kind of in the mood for a pet again.

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