Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wind Turbine Mounts

We had some rain last night...less than 1/4" but just enough to swamp me in this morning. Cool and cloudy till noon so I got outside to work for a change. Put up wind turbine pole mount number 3 and dug the main foundation hole for mount number 4.

Sunny all afternoon then started clouding up around 3PM. Was thinking that perhaps we would get another afternoon thunderstorm so I went to the Ranch Supply Store to get a block of ice for my icebox, a cinderblock for the next wind turbine pole mount, and 3 boxes of Junior Mints. Also had a chance to see another human for a few minutes.

On the way back home my truck was chased by 8 longhorns that thought I had some more range feed for them. I gave them some on my way in to the store and I reckon they wanted more.

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