Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Magical Fruit

Well today was a total washout. Cloudy but no rain in the morning. I checked with McCoys about my delivery and they said it would be coming on the second truck in the afternoon. After checking my road I decided there was no way an 18 wheeler was coming out my way and I didn't feel like having them drop it off 5 miles from me only to have to truck it out here in multiple trips. I rescheduled the delivery for next week....about an hour later the heavens let loose and I got 1/2" of rain in about an hour. That added to the 1/4" yesterday has sealed me in here at the lab for at least 2 more days. It also means I got over 110 gallons of rainwater off my roof. Forget about the 1000's of gallons that whooshed by in the stream beds nearby - its probably in Mexico by now.

Days like this that swamp me in used to bum me out - but I have shifted my attention toward having the chance to get inside my head when this happens. So to amuse myself in my captivity I actually read my new Buddhism books for about 2 hours. Since reading makes me sleepy, instead of going right into a nap - I decided to do some exploring once the rain ended. Hung out by my mini grand canyon for awhile and just listened to the water rushing downstream. Strolled around my frontier for awhile and found some bones that looked rather petrified so I will have someone take a look to see if they are really old or just kind of old.

By late afternoon the sun came out for a perfect finish to a not so great weather day. Dinner tonight was my favorite canned beans - with some canned peas and chicken added. Such is life.


David said...

FYI, if you ever check your comments this far back, 1/4" of rain on a quarter-mile parcel amounts to 145,200 cubic feet, or 1.1 million gallons of water.

Ron said...

JW I've read many books on Buddhism but the one that cleared away the eliptical verbage for me is BUDDHISM WITHOUT BELIEFS, (A contemporary guide to awakening) by Stephen Batchelor. If you are interested in the process and not all the trappings give it a read.

Ron Wells