Friday, August 15, 2008


Welcome to my blog! I have been meaning to set this up for months now, but couldn't figure out what my first post should be. So instead of putting it off any longer, I decided to just git'r'started. My website is finally up and I need a place for folks to read updates of my progress out in the desert.

I just returned from a quick round trip to Austin in order to retrieve more of my belongings out of storage. Although I deeply culled the total mass of my worldly possessions before leaving NY, I still have too much STUFF! The big question is....Do I bring my piano out to the desert? For some time now, I was planning on selling or donating it - but now I'm thinking it would be interesting to have it out here. It is the piano I learned to play on when I started lessons in the third grade.

Over the years I have kept the piano under cover but the poor thing has gone through several freeze/thaw cycles and suffered through high humidity - not a good thing. I wonder how hard it will be to find a piano tuner to come freshen it up?


Anonymous said...

Probably ought to put a virtual tip jar on the old boy, signing for your supper as it were. I'd donate, but I haven't any folding money. Your website is cool but you should shave that birdsnest.Benita thinks youre hot.

Anonymous said...

Elton John has that photo of you over his bed.

Bastien Rousselot said...

I wanna live like you... Far from this world wich's not mine

bigfeetwonders said...

I am naturally very curious about how other people manage their resources. Found your blog from watching Youtube. Thank you for sharing your journey.