Saturday, October 23, 2010

dump run...

Decided since the truck was already loaded - today would be a good day to truck my refuse out of here.  Ten bags into my friend Bennett's dumpster and four bags to the reclycling center.  Picked up a load of lumber for GrubShack Jerry to test out the new rack - I give it a thumbs up.  My friends Dennis and Jen dropped me off a big bottle of safe detergent for the Bike'o'Worsher.  Just received a bottle of Almond Oil to experiment with extracting some Field Lab plant essence.   A well rounded day.  71,84,54,0,B


Allen Hare said...

Glad to see that recycling center in Alpine. I didn't notice the link to it in yesterday's post. It's also good that you have a friend there with a dumpster, and he lets you use it. Business owners can get pretty angry with people who dump in their dumpsters without permission.
The essential oil/perfume project looks pretty cool. Another item for the Field Lab Mercantile.
The truck rack looks like it handled the lumber load very well, plus it provides you some shade to the truck cab. This could be a big plus on a hot summer day. You could even strap a sheet of plywood up there and leave it all summer.
They sell a lot of types of that liquid organic biodegradable laundry detergent at the Whole Foods Market near my house. I'll bring you a jug when we come down next month.
Hope the shoulders are feeling better. Good luck with the pours.

Nat said...

I remember having an extremely interesting and affecting ecology lecture from Hal Flanders during a high school trip to the Big Bend in 1986. It warms my heart to see his name preserved by a recycling center!