Monday, October 18, 2010


A couple of days ago, either a 4 legged creature (no names) or nature felled my east rock pile on the new wall out front.  Decided fixing that would be the only physical labor today as I am resting up for 3 big concrete pours.  Filled in the day by gathering the photo files for a set of Field Lab postcards to be printed up and offered for sale next month.  My friend JD helped me cull the blog archives for a choice selection of images.  78,90,49,0,C 


2L84Me said...

Benita says that looks like a back scratcher for her and hers!

Where is your Calf these days?

If you collect many more animals you are going to have to rename The Field Lab to The Field Ark.

May you have good weather for your pours this week!

Allen Hare said...

I really like that wall. Glad you were able to rebuild it without too much trouble. If you really wanted to get industrious (heaven forbid!) you could rebuild it with concrete or mortar between the stones. It's great to have all that stone building material laying around out there, free for the gathering.
Good luck with the pours.